Sunday, February 05, 2006

to sell BLOODSHED!

Now that the contracts have been signed, I'm happy to announce that Matt McCombs over at Spotlight Pictures has signed on to represent Bloodshed in all Foreign Territories. (Check out their link on the sidebar to the right!) Only around 1/4 of their films slated for Berlin are horror films, so I think we'll rise from the pack at this market. My hopes are extremely high, as horror is consistently a winning genre at the markets. Which, looking back on this, was the entire point of Bloodshed.

Back in March, 2002, when Michael Roy and I were writing the script, we knew it had to be Horror. Neither of us had ever been so wholeheartedly invested in a film on this scale before, and I knew there was a good chance we'd screw it up just due to inexperience! We knew that Horror has that bounce-back ability to transcend naive filmmaking. (Well, MOST of the time.) Luckily for us, the shoot went well and the performances were great overall, and the end product is actually quite good.

So, now, thanks to Lawrence, we have a great company repping us at our first major market: The European Film Market in Berlin. It's kinda like Cannes meets AFM, except bigger than AFM and not quite as artsy as Cannes. Well, I might be wrong about all of this, but that's my impression of it after speaking with a few knowledgeable people.

Oh, Spotlight made a poster and trailer! I think what they've done is going to be very successful at the market, and that's what it's all about right now. The trailer in particular is good, maybe a little derivative, but that's what the buyers are looking for. It puts it in their comfort zone, without making them watch the entire film. Hey, if I had a hundred films to go through, this trailer would make me want to see more! I think Matt has done a swell job so far with making things happen.

I mean shit, I just signed the contracts four days ago and they already have the trailer and artwork up on the site? Nice one!

Thanks for the support everyone, I'll definitely keep you posted...


OH, PS: Would you PLEASE click on the IMDb link to the right? Each hit makes my site climb, and I want to be as high as possible for the Berlin market! Thanks, and please tell your friends! -Jim


Blogger jmj said...

Word up! Congrats on this. Everything is coming together as planned! (I would say *evil laugh* but your laugh is already pretty scary.)

So now I know why you don't call anymore. Don't forget about your artsy-fartsy friend!

9:56 PM  
Blogger jmj said...

BTW- That poster and trailer is off the hook! I mean from a marketing stand point it's genius.

9:59 PM  

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