Saturday, July 09, 2005

Updates from A Scotsman

So, things are still going through the lawyer stage with the Domestic Distributor. I feel a bit like a third wheel now, but I guess that's how it's done. Hoping to have things finished up here this week, but the last time I said that... well, here we are, still! Basically, now that I've found a great, wonderful person to rep my film domestically, I now have to trudge through the very unpleasant task of working out the contract with our lawyers. It's not fun. (Oh, hey, I recently got my first lawyer!)

On to fun things! I just received a letter from a buddy of mine in Edinburgh. He was one of the bartenders at the Filmhouse who poured my brain into and out of a pint glass more than twice! (Hmmmm, along with Katherine, probably five or seven times. Wait, how many days were we there? It's all a blur...) On several occasions, we found ourselves staggering around the city at 5am, desperately trying to find somewhere that would let us drink. As luck would have it, there's ALWAYS a place to drink in Edinburgh! Anyway, he sent this great email, immediately after the G8 summit:

Hey Man,

Scotland has just experienced quite a lot recently - the shit hit the fan a few times in Edinburgh with the G8.  Anarcists got beaten with truncheons, but they kind of deserved it: if your gona carry machettes, metal poles, bats and throw rocks, you're gonna get a beaten.  We also had the best fuckin concert and demonstration for the end of poverty in Africa in the world at Murrayfield, however it has all been over-shadowed, but hopefully not forgotten, by these terrorist attacks in London? Man shit is happening over here.

So we still going to Amsterdam? let me know my man and tell me your news!


Yes, Steve, don't worry, I'm hooked into Amsterdam. Now, the only question is WHEN?

Well everyone, thanks for your support, and keep it tuned here. I'm trying to keep things interesting, and have been better about updating the page. Again, feel free to post comments, preferrably when inappropriate. See ya!



Blogger jmj said...

Man, I really need to give you a call. Phone tag's a bitch.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Jmac5000 said...

YOU are.

6:22 PM  

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