Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bloodshed Premieres at Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival

Hello All!

We just recently premiered Bloodshed at the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival in Edinburgh Scotland last Friday (4/22/05). The 300-seat screening was sold-out and the crowd was EXTREMELY pleased with the 81-minute film! They laughed at the comedic relief, they cringed at the intensity. I was very pleased. There were even a few cheers at the particularly gruesome parts! Afterward, we had a Q&A that lasted 45 MINUTES. It was without a doubt the best reception I could have hoped for, as this was exactly the audience at which I was aiming. They weren't crazies dressed up in rubber and blood, they're just film fans.

Thank you everyone for your support. Expect to hear quite a bit more about the progress as things go forward.

FYI: Check out the updated IMDb listing of Bloodshed.



Jim McMahon
Producer . Director : BLOODSHED


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