Monday, July 11, 2005

Review by Matthew Rowan-Maw of

"We hit the bar for doubles and a couple of tequilas before heading back to the auditorium for the premier screening of Jim McMahon's BLOODSHED. McMahon's movie opens up like every other teen horror movie: two teens larking around in the woods playing pranks on the local sheriff and getting electric shocks for their troubles - this caused a laugh with the audience. Then there are the compulsory teen girls who work in the local coffee shop, one of whom drops her clothes with more regularity than a tube train to Kings Cross. But things begin to look up as we are introduced to two brothers, Frankie and Donnie - who live out of town in seclusion at the edge of the forest - who are both harbouring a family secret. Frankie looks after his remedial brother and together they keep away from the community unless they are selling jam or having their chainsaw fixed. Events really start to take a turn when Donnie is caught watching the teen couple having sex in their car. The macho teen freaks out, despite being okay about his mate watching the free sex show, and beats Donnie to a pulp leaving him screaming out for his older brother whilst lying bleeding on the floor. Older brother Frankie comes to his aid - axe in hand. They have to protect their secret, even if it means despatching a teen or two.

Jim McMahon sites The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as an influence and it shows. It also has a touch of The Last House On The Left to it. Filmed in a timeless town and remote cabin locations, he creates a raw grizzly movie that descends into a blood soaked frenzy by the end of its 81-minute running time. With fantastic performances by both the David Hess like Edward Ice Mrozek and Christopher Childs and a slap in the face ending, it's sure to gain cult status and deserves to be tracked down and seen. A Q&A follows the movie and we learn of the difficulties of shooting an independent horror movie on a severely limited budget. The DERANGED crew really liked Jim, his cast, crew and his movie, and we wish them well and every success in the future."

Matt and his rowdy gang run the site, where you can read all about the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival, as well as other rants, reviews and news of kick-ass independent horror projects!


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