Monday, July 25, 2005

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Hello everyone! Well, we're still going through the process of working out the Sales Agent deal. It has been so long at this point that I've actually been able to not constantly freak-out about it. That said, it appears as though the whole sha-bang is about to get settled, so I hope to have more news by the end of this week! In the meantime, here's a fresh new review, written by Kristopher Upjohn, that is about to be posted on the film/music/art site called

Despite some rather horrific elements, "Bloodshed" really ends up being a horror film that functions less on gore and visuals and more on what you don't see. Much like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there's a lot of brutal and mutilatory (is that a word?) stuff afoot but much of it is offscreen. You get to see just enough of the grue to get the mind reeling.

I'm not going to dive too heavily into the story because there's more than one way I could launch a spoiler rocket. But the story involves some town kids and a couple of brothers that live out in a house out of town. The older brother is a bit of a pariah in town and suffers the flying-about of all sorts of ugly rumors about his family (most notably, his mother or grandma - I don't remember which). His brother is adult as well, but isn't all there. His older brother has spent his whole life taking care of him and is very protective.

Needless to say, creepy shit starts happening and the truth is immediately apparent. Twists and secrets don't really wait until the end of the movie but they aren't expositioned out for you right off the bat either.

Good acting and an attempt to differentiate one youngster from another that is moderately better than the Friday the 13th's group-of-partying-stereotypes-get-offed mode of populating a horror film. The movie also strives to deal with brutal, ugly material but in a way that doesn't rely on its graphic visual presentation to move things forward.

"Bloodshed" - again, much like Texas Chainsaw Massacre - is a very respectable effort and is mostly a success, even if it is a tad slow. (I realize now that millions of pissed off TCM fans are going to do bad, painful things to my body. I at least hope they film it.)


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