Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's a roller-coaster, folks!

Alright! There have been several updates to give you all.

I just got back from the American Film Market, where I met virtually every sales agent and distributor I knew of, and also a few more I didn't! It was very eye-opening, and very very successful. We now have some serious interest with Bloodshed, and also with another film I'm trying to sell, entitled Deadroom. (Check the link to your right for more info)

We're going to have an official screening for Bloodshed on November 22nd in Dallas, TX. Please let me know if you want to go. It's free, and they'll be serving alcohol! Who doesn't like that?

Planning to have an LA premiere sometime in early December. No firm date yet, but I'll definitely give you all plenty of notice!

Now that things are happening again, I'll try to write more frequently.

Thanks for the support!



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